Award-winning, gourmet macarons from France, with a recipe spanning 3 generations and continuously perfected.

Selected for the Hollywood Swag Bags of 50 Oscar Nominees and Winners during 2019 Oscars weekend.

Available in sweet and savoury flavours. Yes, you read that right.

Delivery in Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown and Mississauga from 9am to 8pm. Other locations in and around GTA, please contact us. 

Free pick-up in Milton.

Accepting all forms of payment, including PayPal.

About Us



K. Entifi., the founder of RepChamp's Gourmet Macarons et Plus is an ex-hotelier and the ultimate foodie. She believes in best quality ingredients as well as excellent service. She has spent close to a decade in Paris, France where she developed a taste for the best macarons and other traditional French pastries. Our delicious gourmet macarons have been made by the same French family for 3 generations. They are a perfect choice for the finest hotels, restaurants and coffee shops for their menu and exclusive events.

We serve Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton and neighbouring towns. Whether you are planning a wedding, a baby shower, or a conference do not hesitate to contact us for a tasting appointment.

Why Choose Us?

We are a local boutique, gourmet macarons virtual shop which rivals in quality and reliability with internationally based bakeries. Our passion is behind everything we do and our mission is to create happiness and leave our clients longing for more so we see them again and again.

“Je dois admettre que je suis très étonné. Probablement parmi les meilleurs macarons que j’ai goûtés: Les sucrés salés sont vraiment bons, les macarons gourmands ne sont pas trop sucrés, et la coque craque parfaitement!”

"I must admit that I am very surprised. Probably among the best macarons I have ever tasted: The savoury ones are really good, the sweet ones not overly sugary and the shell has a perfect crunch!"

Celebrity Chef Romain Avril
French born, Toronto based.

"A few years ago when I was first introduced to RepChamp's Gourmets Macarons I was literally blown away... not only were the macarons fresh considering they were imported directly from France... but the savoury collection was so decadent that I just had to share the word about them to everyone I know in the event planning industry. As an Event Planner myself I strive to find products that are in line with the standards I keep which are fairly high and Gourmet Macarons by RepChamp's Gourmets certainly meet those standards. Since I was introduced to this amazing product by the Canadian distributor Kaoutsar (Katsy) Entifi who does an amazing job of promoting the product, I have ordered from both the savoury and sweet collection for personal and corporate events... my guests are always pleasantly surprised with the macarons and from time to time even place orders themselves. Once again it's always a pleasure working with Katsy and I look forward to doing so for many more years to come." 

Event and Wedding Planner Eddie Suliman
Mississauga, ON


After spending a decade in Paris, the world's capital of macarons, we brought you the most decadent and best quality from the heart of France.


Milton, Ontario